ProcessMaker Certification Course in Bogota, Colombia

During the week of January 31st a ProcessMaker training took place in Bogota, Colombia. Maria Morales, the trainer in charge, conducted this 40 hours course with 21 participants. They attended this course from different countries, including Colombia, Venezuela, Chile and Ecuador. Most of them had technical backgrounds, but there were also decision makers, project leaders and sales people attending the training.

The new ProcessMaker Certification curriculum included many hours of exercises and a practical approach to our BPM platform. It also covered some exciting new features from the next ProcessMaker 2.0 release, such as BPMN 2.0 compliance and a completely redesigned process map design tool. Indeed, this release is already generating expectations within the ProcessMaker community.

Bogota 2011 Participants

Bogota 2011 Participants

The participants in the photo above are (from left to right): Damián Jaramillo, Andrés Quintero, Yesid Contreras, Carolina Piedrahita, Jorge Torres, Sergio Ríos, Nelson Ramos, Jesús Ramírez, Luis Miguel Rojas, Adriana Romero, Daniel Pezoa, Miguel Orjuela, Andrés Orlando Guerrero, Germán Castro, María Morales, Juan Carlos Osorio, Alberto Peña, Juan Taborda and Alex Saavedra.

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