ProcessMaker Business ProcessManagement Course in Mexico, D.F.

After a few days of interesting meetings here in Mexico, D.F., I took the morning to drop in on Amos Batto while he was giving an intense ProcessMaker Bootcamp course in the Hotel Intercontinental Presidente en Polanco – a beautiful neighborhood in Mexico City. Everyone on the ProcessMaker team was very excited because this was ProcessMaker’s first live, on-site training ever in Latin America. It was a huge hit. Although our online courses are great and very popular, there is still no substitute for face to face time with a trainer like Amos. Additionally, the dynamics of class participation is much more interactive during a live, on-site training than during an online training. Of course, a night out with at the local “cantina” helps to improve the dynamics and bring participants together.

We had 8 participants from all over Mexico enjoyed a very intense two day experience. ProcessMaker Bootcamp Training

This morning the group was getting trained in the creation of alerts and messages, advanced triggers, output documents, events, and more. A number of multinationals companies sent their process specialists and system administrators to the training.

Everyone seemed very excited to begin implementing ProcessMaker in their businesses. One participant, a large distributor which sells products to Home Depot, was planning on automating a number of very critical processes such as its import/export process and a price discrepancy/reconciliation process. This particular customer also plans to integrate ProcessMaker with Openbravo and Pentaho Reporting. Of course, he was very happy to learn that these particular integrations already exist!

Based on this experience in Mexico, we are planning courses for Lima, Bogota, Miami, and London for 2011. So stay tuned and find a course that suits you.

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