ProcessMaker BPMS Training in Mexico City

The Advanced ProcessMaker training is taking place in Mexico City. The participants came from Honduras, Mexico, and Panama. Alex Saavedra is in charge of this certification course. The high technical level of the audience is such that it will be possible to review advanced topics such as Plugins Development.

The participants in this photo are, from left to right: Manuel Pérez, Alex Saavedra (the trainer), Juan Juárez, Dobeslao Hernández, Octavio Valdivieso, Ismael Hernández, Paola Gutiérrez, Héctor Ehrman, Gabriela López, Alberto Araluce, Oribel Ortega, Josué Sepúlveda, Julio César Pérez, Guillermo Pérez, and Marco Padilla.

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Customer & Partner Support Manager for Colosa Inc. and ProcessMaker.

  • I have enjoy the training, a lot of stuff to do, very impressive tool.