ProcessMaker v 2.5 RC1 – Release Candidate has been released!!

On March 27th, Colosa launched the much anticipated release candidate for its Version 2.5 ProcessMaker Open Source BPM & Workflow suite.  The release has been labeled Version 2.5 RC (Release Candidate), and it is a strong representation of what the final Version 2.5 ProcessMaker release will look like when it is released on May 8th

The release candidate is now available for download at this link.  You can also download the change log and release notes for this respective version.

Moreover, users will have the opportunity to download new languages for this version, including the much anticipated Arabic language version whose skin is fully compatible with this latest version, allowing the creation of RTL documents.

Below are highlights of the most important features of this release candidate:

* Performance and Stability: You will see significant improvements in the speed and stability of ProcessMaker.  We have fixed major issues that were affecting the speed of ProcessMaker.  Performance was also significantly increased by reducing bottle necks that were being caused by some queries and certain JavaScript code.  Navigation and the cases execution has also been improved increasing the time response of most requests.

* New WYSWYG HTML Editor: We have standardized all the editors used to create templates and documents, Output Documents, Email Templates and Dynaform HTML Templates.  The old editor used up until version 2.0.45 has been removed.  We implemented the TinyMCE Editor based on a WYSIWYG Open Source component. This editor gives stability when Documents are being created. You can review the documentation of this editor on our wiki.

* New PDF Generator Engine (TCPDF): We have added a new PDF generation engine using TCPDF.  Please note that we have also maintained the old editor – HTML2PDF – which was used exclusively until version 2.0.45.  Users can now user either engine thereby ensuring  backwards compatibility with old versions of Documents generated on ProcessMaker. This new engine will allow users to generate documents which contain more than 6 pages.

* Validation added when session expires:  This new addition solves the problem that some users were experiencing whereby they would lose their session while editing Dynaforms before they could save the DynaForm.  Now, if a session expires while you are editing a Dynaform, a warning will come up where you will enter your password and all the information added until this point, will be automatically saved.

* Possibility to copy existing Triggers: If you want to reuse Triggers created in any Process of your workspace, now you can copy them from one process to another.  This is a huge time savings for power users.

All of this documentation will be available soon on the ProcessMaker Documentation.

We don’t recommend to install this release candidate on production servers, we recommend to install this on test servers in order to test bugs and new features.

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