Simplified User Inbox: a new experience for users

Q:  Which feature provides the best experience for users?

A:  Having a simplified interface where they have access to information that’s important to them, depending on their requirements.

With that in mind, we are pleased to announce a new feature – the ‘Simplified User Inbox’ in ProcessMaker version 2.0.37.  As the name suggests, users now have a simplified inbox where they can customize the ProcessMaker interface by changing the interface on the inboxes where appropriate.  For example,

There are three types of User experience: Normal, Simplified and Switchable:


  • Normal: users can have the normal view of ProcessMaker.
  • Simplified: Users can have a simplified view of the ProcessMaker interface, viewing only the inbox where their incoming cases are listed with an overview of the information surrounding the case such as; name and number of the case, person in charge, date of the case, name of the form and the process it belongs to.This is very useful because users can only see cases which require further action.  By clicking on the name of the Dynaform, it will display the next step allowing users to continue the case:

One of its characteristics is the possibility to add a Case Note by clicking on this icon

And this note will display below the case:

Which can also be hidden by clicking on

    •  Switchable:  With just one click, users can switch between the simplified view and the normal view at any time

Working on Mobile Devices

The characteristics of this new interface will not stay here, now this application works also on iPhone, Ipad, and Andorid, allowing users to navigate into ProcessMaker from mobile phones,  accessing the interface from wherever they are located. Also, users can use this new interface as if they were working  from a computer. It’s really simple and practical!!


Give our new user interface a try by downloading ProcessMaker 2.0.37 today!

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