Dashboards Updates for ProcessMaker v2.0.35

One of the goals of good Business Process Management (BPM) is continuous process improvement, which can only be achieved through effective measuring and monitoring.

The ProcessMaker dashboard provides real-time monitoring of the efficiency and productivity of processes and the users who are executing those processes. Managers and supervisors can use the dashboard to check up on the productivity of employees and measure how well departments are functioning. The native Dashboard feature is available in ProcessMaker version 2.0.34, but since version 2.0.35 Dashboards have new functionalities which are easy to manage.

Within Dashboards, there are three types of Dashlets which can be easily created and managed by the administrator user, those Dashlets are:

ProcessMaker Community:will display the links for the Community, Blog, Wiki, Forum, etc.



ProcessMaker Enterprise Plug-ins and Add-ons: will display all of the information regarding the new plug-ins and add-ons available.



Open Cases vs Completed Cases: will display all of the open cases against the completed cases of the process.




Those Dashlets are very useful to show information about the community, new ProcessMaker features and also to check the state of the cases running in a process for a period of time such as:

  • Today
  • Yesterday
  • This week
  • Previous week
  • Previous month
  • This month
  • This year
  • Previous year

All of the above are distinguished by three different colors: red, yellow and green.

ProcessMaker clients can not miss this opportunity to acquire this application – not only for the advantages, but also for the accessibility of its functions. This is just the beginning since we will add more Dashlets in coming releases.

You can have your Dashboards feature in ProcessMaker version 2.0.35. For more information visit this link

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