What can you expect from ProcessMaker 3.0 ?

As you all may know, on July 22nd a beta version of ProcessMaker 3.0 was released.  This version is a huge step forward for ProcessMaker and this is only the beginning.  We are confident that even better things are coming.

Remember, this is a BETA release.  We do not recommend using this version in a production environment.

What’s new:

  • A new jquery BPMN 2.0 process designer
This new designer comes with support for undo, redo, zoom, multi-object grab and drag, auto save of processes every 15 seconds, and much improved BPMN conformance. Drag and Drop functionality has been greatly improved. All elements are now independent and can be connected using sequence flows by hovering over the BPMN element and then dragging the sequence flow line to the next element to be connected. The designer also has new toolboxes which provide direct access to design elements such as: DynaForms, Output Documents, Input documents, Triggers and Database Connections, and Variables (a new category used in form design).
  • A native responsive UI HTML5 Form Designer
Users can now create DynaForms by using a new jquery multi-column drag and drop design tool. This new form has a totally new and much easier to use interface. Forms are also now UI responsive so that they will auto adjust for different screen sizes such as desktop, tablet, and mobile screens.
In addition to the current SOAP Web Services API, ProcessMaker has now added a RESTful API which gives developers access to a wide array of ProcessMaker functionality through the API. Developers can now much more easily embed ProcessMaker into existing systems or develop new ones around the core ProcessMaker engine and designer functionality. Particular attention has been paid to performance, scalability , reliability, portability and security (with OAuth 2.0).
  • Global Variable Definition Interface
ProcessMaker has added an interface to allow users to define global variables which can be used within the new Form Designer and throughout the ProcessMaker instance. Variables can now be declared through a separate panel.
  • Support for additional new BPMN 2.0 elements
The following BPMN elements have been added to the product: Message and Timer Start Events, Gateways (Inclusive, Exclusive and Exclusive Manual and Parallel), Swimlanes, notes, associations, and Sub-process call activities.
  • Compatibility with Previous ProcessMaker Versions
Processes from the previous ProcessMaker designer (.pm files) can be imported into the new BPMN designer.
  • Support for IE10
This new version is compliant with Internet Explorer 10. 


  • Improvements in management interfaces
Old user interfaces, such as Process Permission, Process Supervisor, Database Connections, DynaForms, among others, have been replaced with friendly and easy-to-use GUI interfaces.
  • Validations while designing a process
Warnings and error messages are now displayed when a process designer attempts to make an invalid connection. They have been included to improve the process design experience. 


  • For additional questions create a thread in our forum.
  • Did you missed the ProcessMaker 3.o BETA Launch Webinar? Don’t worry get the English recorded version of the webinar on this page and the Spanish version on this link.

 What’s coming?

But there is more!  We want to provide you all necessary resources and that’s why we have scheduled several webinars which will prepare you and your team for this new version. Don’ t miss them!

  • Building HTML5 Responsive Forms in ProcessMaker: Explore how business analysts and subject matter experts with no programming experience or technical knowledge can build beautiful, HTML5 forms which automatically respond to different user screen sizes.
  • 4 Useful ProcessMaker Tips You Must KnowCheck this out to get four useful tips that will help you understand how ProcessMaker works and improve your processes designs and efficiency.
  • BPMN 2.0 for Beginners Discover how easy is to build elegant BPMN 2.0 compliant processes in ProcessMaker 3.0.


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