New Release of the ProcessMaker v. 3.0 (RC1) – Now Available for Download and Testing

Hi everyone, we are really excited to give all of you another sneak peak at what will be the final version of ProcessMaker Community  3.0.

This is the first of two release candidates we will be launching. This comes with great new features and tons of bug fixes.

Remember that this is still a BETA release. Do not use this BETA version in a production environment.

New features:

  • Possibility to enable or disable Grid Lines.
  • Shape toolbox position is now horizontally.
  • Possibility to define the Data object type as “empty”
  • Link and file fields added inside Grids.

Bug Fixes:

  • Change sample Apache VirtualHost definition file for ProcessMaker
  • Error when running a case in a process that has a subprocess within it without the definition of variables.
  • If using Windows, pop up’s do not have an X button to close it.
  • The context menu remains static if using the assignment rules interface and task properties.
  • Change some text in the Trigger Wizard.
  • Upload icon cannot be seen completely.
  • Edit Inputdoc – Confirm action does not validate any changes made in Input Documents.
  • When editing a trigger, the cancel button does not have a confirmation dialog.
  • Validation error while creating the PMFNewCase function.
  • There is no validation when importing a responsive form with an invalid extension.
  • The following syntaxis error appears when using the PMFGetCasesNotes() function, unexpected ‘,’, expecting ‘(‘.
  • “Date” and “DateTime” have the same properties in the Dynaform designer.
  • If using Internet Explorer, triggers cannot be created.
  • There isn’t a ProcessMap window information.
  • Error in the Data Type and Data Object.
  • The option in the Formula properties does not have any action in grids.
  • Extra bullets in the message when removing a DynaForm from the list of Steps inside Processes Supervisor.
  • It is not possible to see all the text in the user’s field in the Start Message event.
  • Process configuration as public or private is not available.
  • Error saving a form on view mode.

Known issues:

  • BPMN Designer Import standardization of elements size.
  •  WebEntry refactor.
  • When the PMFGetCasesNotes() function is being executed in a trigger, it displays a syntax error: unexpected ‘,’, expecting ‘(‘.
  • Date validation grid.
  • Time in Self Service Assignment Rule accepts letters.

Read the complete Release Notes for a detailed description of new features, known issues and bugs-fixes.


* The directory where ProcessMaker is installed should have write permissions.

* Remember that this is a BETA release. Do not use this BETA version in a production environment.


* English (Default Core)

Beta Availability

ProcessMaker 3.0 Beta version is available for Linux and Windows platforms. Download them from this site.


* For a detailed description of ProcessMaker 3.0 and its new features please see our latest documentation.

* To report any issues in ProcessMaker 3.0 (RC1) please go to this page, select ProcessMaker [community] “Project” and select “ProcessMaker v3.0 RC1″ in Product version.

How to contribute?

* We need your help to make ProcessMaker 3.0 the best release, so please take some time to download and try out the beta, your feedback is very important to us!.

* if you are willing to help us translating this version into your native language just tell us by sending an email to

Don’t forget that any contribution will be mentioned in our wiki, social media and forum…so help spread the word!

Enjoy it!




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