Refreshing Pentaho Mondrian Cache to keep ProcessMaker up to date


Pentaho Reporting is an open source business intelligence suite providing advanced reporting, analysis and data mining. ProcessMaker Enterprise Edition provides integration with Pentaho Reporting, so that the power and flexibility of Pentaho Reporting can be accessed inside the ProcessMaker interface. Custom reports generated by Pentaho are available under the Enterprise Edition’s DASHBOARD and REPORTS menus.

Sometimes we have suffered an issue that shows wrong information related to number of cases in ProcessMaker Pentaho Plugin and Pentaho. The problem is that Mondrian cache is not being refreshed automatically. So basically it shows one number of cases in ProcessMaker and another number in Pentaho.

We have investigate this problem and realize that this refresh is not automated, so to fix this this problem and have your information always up to date you have to run the following command in your browser (this will refresh the Mondrian Cache and set the same number of cases in both)

Don’t forget to do the following:

–          Replace “mypentahoserver” with your pentaho server name

–          Replace “USERNAME” with your Pentaho administrator user name

–          Replace “PASSWORD” with your Pentaho Administrator password

Once you’ve run this in your browser it should appear the following message “Action Successful”

If this is correct now you have to check the Pentaho and the ProcessMaker Plugin and verify that the number of cases is the same.

At this point we have only refreshed the Mondrian Cache manually and doing this every, let’s say 10 minutes, can be really frustrating. So, what to do if you want this to be automatically executed every specific time?

If you want this to be automatically you will have to run the above command as a cron job

You will find how to configure this in Linux or Windows in the following links



So now you will have your Mondrian Cache up to date automatically and your Cases number will be always the correct one, try following all these steps and replying if it works or if you had troubles with any step.

Remember, you can improve significantly your business efficiency and productivity analyzing using ProcessMaker

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