New ProcessMaker version 2.0.44 released!

Congratulations to the Colosa team for putting out release 2.0.44 of the ProcessMaker Open Source BPM and Workflow software.  We are confident you will enjoy it!

ProcessMaker continues to pride itself on being the leading open source BPM and Workflow software in the market.  Being the best does not simply mean adding more and more features to the product.  It also means maintaining a product that is stable and bug free.  In this latest release we have concentrated most of our efforts on resolving our backlog of bugs and turning out a product that is truly stable.

As many of you know our community has grown at a blistering pace.  We are about to cross the threshold of 10,000 active community members.  Our software is now being run by thousands of companies, serving hundreds of thousands if not millions of users.  With this many businesses now depending on ProcessMaker, we have made a conscious decision to prioritize stability and reliability in our product.  Version 2.0.44 is the result.

We have also made an important decision regarding our release schedule.  From this version forward, we have decided to schedule our new releases to be quarterly instead of monthly.  We have decided that monthly releases were too much for both us and our customers.  Quarterly releases will allow us to dedicate more time to QA and be less disruptive to our production customers.

ProcessMaker 2.0.44 is published as a Release Candidate with 190 bugs fixed and tested by the QA Team. This version fixes critical issues with Alfresco triggers, case history and improvements with the cron execution and overall performance.

The ProcessMaker upgrade script has been improved to run 33% faster than before and for allows admins to upgrade everything without the need for manually repeating the process several times.

Finally, a number of new features have been included in this version. A month after this release, the QA Team is going to report if the version can change its label to Stable based on the results of our high level test procedures.

 ProcessMaker Release Notes

v. 2.0.44 (Release date: October 9th, 2012)

Fixed bugs:

  1. Print Dynaform icon when a case is open using IE from Participated [9572].
  2. Dates corrected with User Last login [9591].
  3. Solved problem with dependencies when the last row was deleted. [9619].
  4. Possibility to read a Case History after a case is unpaused. [9641]
  5. Error fixed when right click over a Case History. [9642].
  6. Reassign cases working properly on Parallel tasks. [9721]
  7. Date in Case History and ProcessMap are not the same [9799].
  8. Add Folder Variable where the document should be uploaded on Alfresco´s Trigger uploadDoc
  9. [7941]
  10. Uploaded Document using Alfresco´s Trigger uploadDoc fixed [7942] [9069]
  11. Intermediate message event run for cases automatically scheduled [9422]
  12. The WYSIWYG editor generates the content of a Grid correctly [9509]
  13. Right-to-Left skin (Hebrew, Arabic) and arabic translation now is working. [8633], [9510]


  1. Validation for reserved words in Report Tables and PM Tables. [9499], [9649].
  2. Case Description can be seen in the Summary [9551]
  3. Suggest field behavior improved [9558].
  4. Add a Message for users who try to start a case but who are not assigned to an initial task. [9573].
  5. Improvements on the cron.php script to send the last 7 days messages. [9597]
  6. Improved SOLR performance. [9689]
  7. Improved the upgrade ProcessMaker creating temporary files.[9705]
  8. Improvement when users are assigned into a group the user list is refreshed to the last page viewed.
  9. Enabled on user’s page the option to redirect to Dashboards tab when users login to ProcessMaker. [9740]
  10. Possibility to send email notification to next assigned user(s) when using the Self Service Assignment Rule [6544]

New Features:

  1. “Category” filter was added for Cases List [7197] (Note that this will work with solr disabled).
  2. Added a checkbox for a Case Notes which gives the possibility to send or not an email notification when a case note is created. [9607]
  3. New option “hour” was added to the Case Scheduler.[8038]
  4. An event log was added inside Administration tab [9555].
  5. Added a Current user dropdown search criteria for Advance Search. [9605]
  6. Add the Log option on admin tab for the cron.[9709].
  7. Added a field when a Reason for canceling and pausing a case can be written. [4763]
  8. Added functions “PMFPauseCase, PMFUnpauseCase, WSPauseCase and WSUnpauseCase” functions. [5494]
  9. Adding the cases from “unassigned Folder” to simplified User Experience. [8853]
  10. On User administration: Adding a way to disable/enable users from users list [9713].

Known Issues:

  1. Cannot forbid users from deleting input documents [6974].
  2. Participated – Sorting doesn’t work for Current User Column [8477]
  3. Change the source code to allow negative numbers in currency fields [9288].
  4. When language is different from English in Chrome in Report Table creation (from Admin side) list of processes is not being displayed correctly.
  5. In debug state and a language different from English Triggers are not being shown.
  6. “Category” filter was added for Cases List not run with Solr enabled. [7197]
  7. Problem entering hours with an edit mask. [7144]
  8. Problem while a new language is uploading in Zend Server [9902]

Languages (

  1. English (Default core language)
  2. Spanish (Updated for 2.0.44)
  3. French (Updated for 2.0.44)
  4. Arabic (Updated for 2.0.43) (Community contributor: Monzer Osama)
  5. German (Updated for 2.0.43) (Community contributor: Herbert Fürst)


  • Upgrading to a new version:

When a new version of ProcessMaker is updated, it’s recommended to clean the cache to ensure the correct application of the new functionality. The clean cache option is available in Configuration / settings / clean cache option.

  • Upgrading to a new language translation file:

When a new language is imported, it is strongly recommended to clean and rebuild the cache to ensure labels to be applied correctly. The rebuild cache option is available in Configuration / settings/ Cases Cache List Builder.


Enjoy it!

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