ProcessMaker v. 3.0 GA and the Mobile Edition are here!

We have lots of really cool news for our community and the world of workflow and BPM Software.  We are sure you will be duly impressed.   Let’s get started.

PM 3.0 GA

After months of testing and development, the stable release of ProcessMaker 3.0 is finally out! Let me just say – it is awesome.  The big highlights in a nutshell are as follows:

1) Amazing RESTful API

2) Beautiful HTML5 Responsive Form Designer

3) Elegant new BPMN 2.0 Compliant Process Designer

4) Stunning new KPIs & Dashboards (launched in Enterprise Edition).

For more information about the Community Edition click here.

Form more information about the Enterprise Edition click here.

Mobile Apps

We are launching NOT ONE BUT TWO NEW MOBILE APPS.    For our Android App, click here to download. For our iOS App, click here to download.  The mobile apps are simply amazing.  These are apps based on our new HTML5 Responsive Form Designer meaning that the same forms you design for web will work out-of-the box in our native apps.  Design once and run everywhere.  Both apps also work with both the Community and Enterprise Editions. Both apps also work offline which many of our community members have been asking about for quite some time.  The Community Edition gives you lots of great features – Access to your Cases Inbox, a view of the Process Map, grids, case information, and search.

On the other hand, the Enterprise Edition gives users some really cool extra features like barcode and QR code readers, finger signatures, geo-location, plus photo tagging, and video and audio file uploads directly from your phone’s camera. The list of available features for the both can be found here.

New Logo, Branding, Website, and Wiki

Do we really have to point this one out?  We sure hope you noticed, but we’ve got a new and much updated modern look.  It’s not just flash (no pun intended).  Our site is now fully mobile ready for starters.  Also, check out our new wiki – looks nice, right?  Yes, it is also mobile ready.  Oh, and don’t forget to see all of our new video tutorials!  Yes, our content team rocks.  They have been working VERY HARD, and we think it shows.

New Name

Well, this is probably the biggest announcement.  Drum roll please.  We’ve got a new name.  Many of you may be scratching your heads because you always thought our name was ProcessMaker.  Well, it wasn’t.  We finally decided to go all in, and we have changed our name from Colosa to ProcessMaker.  ProcessMaker has always been our star.  ProcessMaker has always been the brand that everyone recognizes.  Now we want to get rid of some of our other distractions and focus our efforts on growing the ProcessMaker product line and brand.  We are confident the new focus will bring great things to our product and our company.

Click here to download ProcessMaker 3.0

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    Hi lili, mobile app source code is free for community editions?