Processmaker 2.0.32 has been released!

Colosa Inc. is pleased to announce the release of the 2.0.32 version of ProcessMaker. As always, we’re delivering a new stable release the first week of each month.


This time ProcessMaker 2.0.32 comes with three new features in addition to several bugs solved. For a more complete list of changes, check out the release notes at our SourceForge page.

Here are the highlights of the major changes in ProcessMaker 2.0.32:

Email Attachments

A very popular request of our community ( was included in this release. The function PMSendMessage now accept an extra parameter that is a list of files to be attached in the message. Thanks ProcessMaker community for this! (specially to budfrog532 for the inspiration)

Cases Summary

Another great new feature included is a way to use any dynaform to be shown as Case Information. You have just to edit your process where a new property was added “Dynaform to show a case summary”. Select any item from that list and save. After that in Cases list you can click on the new Icon (besides Cases Notes) that will open a windows with Case Information (the common information and the Dynaform that you’ve selected).

Alfresco triggers

We added a new library to our Triggers Library for Alfresco® DM operations:

  1. Checkin document/file (Checkin)
  2. Checkout document/file (Checkout)
  3. Cancel Checkedout document/file (cancelCheckout)
  4. Create a folder in Alfresco Repository (createFolder)
  5. Delete an object(Folder/File) from Alfresco Repository (deleteObject)
  6. Download Document/File from Alfresco Repository (downloadDoc)
  7. Get a list of Checkedout Document/File from Alfresco Repository (getCheckedoutFiles)
  8. Get Children of the given folder (getFolderChildren)
  9. Upload file/document in Alfresco Repository (uploadDoc)

For more info

For a more detailed list of changes, please check out the release notes at our SourceForge page.


Download ProcessMaker from our SourceForge repository. Feel free to join our forums and ask any question you may have.

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  • Rod Hawkes

    Hi… sorry but I could not find any info on how to setup the new Case Summary forms. Can you point me to any documentation or reply with some info on how to do this? thanks, Rod

    • Alex Saavedra

      Hello Rod,

      You must go to Process Properties dialog (right click in process map, then Edit Properties). Then there’s a dropdown labelled Dynaform to show a case summary.