Copying and Importing Triggers from version 2.5.x


Continuing our way through the features released in version 2.5.x, we have this excellent feature, Copying and Importing Triggers. Often sub-processes need the same triggers, or re use a trigger used on a different process located at the same workspace. To avoid doing this manually, the possibility to copy or import Triggers was included, this allows to copy Triggers from the server or current workspaces to the current process.

You will see this new option inside the Trigger Wizard!



This feature simplifies and optimize the time in which a process is designed, by re  using triggers created in previous processes, giving users the experience to take advantage of the existing resources a process usually has.

In addition, you can  copy/import a trigger to use it as a base to create a custom trigger, so you won’t have to spend time creating a code that you can re use.


Extracting from our media library, we have a webcast with a clear explanation of how this feature works:

Copy/Import Triggers

If you want to check a complete explanation of this feature check our documentation, of course feel free to ask for more examples or details about this.

If you have any comments or if you want to have an explanation of any other ProcessMaker feature, don’t hesitate to leave your questions.


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