Copying and Importing Dynaforms from version 2.5.x


Reviewing our great features added from version 2.5.x, we have this useful feature, Copying and Importing Dynaforms. On previous version of ProcessMaker, if a DynaForm, created on a process, was required to be used in a different process, you had to copy it manually from one process to another, this wasn’t a good practice since some Dynaform fields were lost or the definition of them were incomplete, users spent a  lot of time checking and correcting those mistakes.

From this version, the possibility to copy/import a Dynaform was added, giving users the experience to enhance the time spent in creating or copying an existing dynaform just reusing it. You can copy ONLY Dynaforms inside the same workspace; moreover, if the Dynaform has a grid embedded in it, this will be also copied with its structure and fields, so as you can see, time spent in copying also the grid will be optimized.

Extracting from our media library, we have a webcast with a clear explanation of how this feature works:

Copying and Importing Dyanforms

If you are using 2.0.45 version or earlier we do suggest to update to our current stable one.



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