ProcessMaker Library: Download Process Templates for your workspace

ProcessMaker is a completely flexible, totally adaptable toolkit that lets you automate any custom business process you can possibly imagine.

Imagining that process sometimes takes a bit of, well, imagination.  So we’ve decided to make it even easier for you.  Meet the ProcessMaker Library.

You can download popular business templates to import to your ProcessMaker workspace, play around with ProcessMaker features, and adapt workflows for use in your organization.  You’re now one step closer to automating your business processes without having to spend a drop of creative energy (or have any programming experience whatsoever).

While the ProcessMaker Library started as our team’s answer to the age-old question, “Can you show me an example?”, we’re not stopping here.  We have big plans for the ProcessMaker Library, and we’re working to take it to the next level.  Check back for new templates and new features coming soon!

In the meantime, sign up, kick back, and enjoy the process templates.

About This Author

Customer & Partner Support Manager for Colosa Inc. and ProcessMaker.

  • kamil shahzad

    The library page it has some internal error need attention

    • Liliana

      Which version of ProcessMaker are you using? or are ou trying to download them form our web page?

  • Liliana Iriarte

    Hi Kamil, unfortunately our library page is out of service. In the meantime if you need some help with some process just let us know.


    • bond4u

      Could you be be able to provide some sample templates?

  • Azhar

    Ms. Liliana,
    where can i get some sample templates of Processmaker