ProcessMaker Internationalization!

Hi Everybody!

We have available now the new ProcessMaker release v.1.0.1138, you can download it here. As announced in our last post, this release has new important improvements. The next week I’ll tell you more about it.

But today I’m pleased to inform you that ProcessMaker stars with this release its Internationalization. That is because the new release manages .po files for translations.

Now we are waiting for your support in this important task. If you like to contribute with the translation of ProcessMaker in your mother-language, please visit our WIKI at

Your help for translation is very welcome, because we need you!

For this reason, if you are interested to support this starting Project in other form (as tester, supporter or developer), we would like to invite you to visit us here

Thanks in advance! and enjoy the new ProcessMaker release and its new features!

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