What is the BEST ERP Software to implement with your BPM Software or Workflow Software?

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ERP and BPM Software go together like peanut butter & Jelly (assuming that you grew up in the midwest of the United States). In other words, it is probably the most common and the most important integration that you will want to make to your Business Process Management (BPM) Software or Workflow Software system.

Of course, at ProcessMaker we were interested to see how the different ERP vendors stack up with regards to integrations into ProcessMaker.  To better understand during our recent user survey this we asked the following question to over 10,000 companies currently using ProcessMaker across both our commercial and open source communities:

“With which ERP Software have you already integrated or do you plan to integrate ProcessMaker?”  

And here were the results:

Let’s look more closely at the ranking of the vendors:

  1. SAP – 18.5%
    • SAP Business One – 7.5%
    • SAP R3 – 7.5%
    • SAP HANA – 3.5%
  2. OpenERP (now Odoo) – 11.8%
  3. Proprietary In House Built ERP – 11.2%
  4. Microsoft Dynamics – 6.8%
  5. Oracle/JD Edwards –  6.7%
  6. OpenBravo – 5.2%
  7. Sage – 3.4%

For me, there was no surprise that SAP is the #1 integration into ProcessMaker.  SAP is the #1 ERP and it tends to be used by larger companies with complex business problems.  These same companies tend to have complex workflow and process problems that they want to solve, and ProcessMaker is a great complement to SAP.  Also, we have found that after a company spends millions of dollars and years implementing SAP, they are a little worn out and their budgets are a little lower.  ProcessMaker comes as a fresh surprise given its lightweight nature, ease of use, and low price point.  Customers are amazed that they can get ProcessMaker up and running so quickly to solve so many critical workflow problems.

I think OpenERP/Odoo was the biggest surprise for me personally.  I’ve always heard good things about Odoo, but I didn’t realize that ProcessMaker + Odoo was such a popular combination.  I would personally love to hear from some of our users that have integrated the two solutions to better understand which integration points they are using.

I think it is also worth noting what a large percentage of customers that are using home grown systems.  That seems to indicate that the ERP vendors still have some interesting untapped markets that they can conquer.  After all 11.2% are using home grown systems – that is not a small percentage.

I was curious to see that so few customers had integrations or were planning integrations with Infor.  Infor is the #3 ERP vendor in the world by most counts.  I’m surprised there is not more of a connection between ProcessMaker and Infor.

Stay tuned for more interesting survey results soon!





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  • Crm Mtt

    As we are using Odoo and Processmaker, we’d love to see a smooth integration of PM into Odoo.
    Currently we’re analysing, how both systems could interact better with each other without developing an own extension for that.
    Any ideas are most welcome.