Integrate your ProcessMaker instance into your Ruby apps

PHP and Ruby

Are you a fan of Ruby on Rails or any Ruby-based tools? If so, we believe you will love this library that was released very recently. The ProcessMaker gem is a Ruby class to connect to an instance and get data from an existing ProcessMaker installation. It allows you to use different methods to accomplish a variety of things, like starting cases or list all the users right from your Ruby web app.

The ProcessMaker gem

Since this is a gem, you’ll find it on the RubyGems repository. On your command line, just type this:

gem install processmaker

And off you go!


Read this post and check some examples on how to use the library:


The complete set of methods available are here:

It’s open source

Following our open-source culture, the library code is available on Github: If you find a bug or perhaps fill a pull request, we’ll be more than happy to take a look at it.

Enjoy this contribution and if you already integrated the gem into your Ruby app, let us know on twitter: @processmaker


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