Tiny MCE Editor Integration from version 2.5.0

TinyMCE, also known as the Tiny Moxiecode Content Editor, has been integrated from this version in order to standardize the existing WYSIWYG HTML editors used within ProcessMaker. Unlike the editor used on previous versions, this editor optimizes the use of the components to be inserted in a Dynaform, personalizing final view and making it easy-to-use. Moreover, some plugins were created to give templates a better functionality when elements needs to be added; for example, the integration with the picker variable,system and process variables can be used inside the template. Moreover, this editor is compatible with templates created on previous versions of ProcessMaker, without altering the HTML code. Give this editor a try before Installing or Upgrading ProcessMaker to version 2.5.0. TinyMCE editor will be integrated to be used on:

  • Creation of templates for Output Documents.
  • Creation of Email Templates.
  • Creation of Dynaform HTML Templates.

With the following components:

  • Possibility to load templates form an external file.
  • New variable picker which was deprecated on the editor used on previous versions
  • Dynaform Grids wizard, replacing the old code used to replicate an entire grid from a dynaform inside a template.

Compatibility with:

  • RTL Language.
  • Firefox, Google Chrome and Internet Explorer browsers.
  • Chinese characters.
  • Select font, bold, italic, cut, copy, paste, underline, align, indentation, quotation marks, table controls, undo, hyperlinks, broke links, insert images (only links), font color, text background color, styles (css), line, delete styles and content, guide lines, subscript, superscript, paragraph alignment.
  • See HTML code.

Creation and integration with the following plugins:

Check our Webcast, to understand better how to use this editor: Webcast – Tiny MCE Editor Integration

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