ProcessMaker 2.5 – Coming May 15th!

The much anticipated release of ProcessMaker 2.5 has got our community buzzing – And for good reason.  ProcessMaker’s development team has worked around the clock to develop a better, cleaner and faster ProcessMaker.  Here is what you can expect when you upgrade to version 2.5:


Performance & stability upgrades:

Version 2.5 is the fastest and most stable version of ProcessMaker ever created.  Our development team has re-written thousands of lines of code in order to reduce bottlenecks within the data execution environment.  The result:  Request response times are down and productivity is up!

Out with the old, in with the new:

In response to customer feedback, we’ve removed the old HTML editor used to edit Dynaforms, output documents and email templates and replaced it with the TinyMCE editor based on a WYSIWYG Open Source component.  This new editor gives ProcessMaker administrators greater stability and consistency when designing or editing forms and documents.

Professional output:

Creating professional output documents in PDF format is a vital component in most business processes.  For that reason, version 2.5 includes a new and improved PDF generator engine – TCPDF.  Our old PDF generator still exists in order to ensure backward compatibility with older versions of documents created in ProcessMaker.  Administrators have the freedom to choose which they prefer.

Lost work due to expired sessions is now a thing of the past:

In past versions of ProcessMaker, administrators who were designing large and complicated Dynaforms would become frustrated when their login session would expire before they could save their work.  With version 2.5 if your session expires while you are still working on a form design, simply enter your password into a pop-up message box and your information will be saved automatically.

Trigger happy:

ProcessMaker triggers range from the very simple to incredibly complex.  In the past, reusing triggers from other processes required administrators to copy and paste PHP code.  ProcessMaker 2.5 helps administrators in this task by giving them the option to import triggers from other processes – saving valuable time.

Not all of us speak the same language:

ProcessMaker has been expanding its available language packs since its creation.  Now users of ProcessMaker 2.5 will have the opportunity to download even more new languages, including the much anticipated Arabic language – whose skin is fully compatible with this latest version, allowing the creation of right to left aligned documents.

ProcessMaker 2.5 will be available from May 15th at

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