ProcessMaker 2.5.1 Maintenance Release


ProcessMaker 2.5.1 is now available. Version 2.5.1 is the first maintenance release of 2.5. For a full list of changes, check out the release notes and the changelog. Here are the highlights:

What’s new

More efficient case storage algorithm to overcome 32k objects limit in ext3

In order to overcome the 32,000 files/folders (under a directory) limit in ext3, ProcessMaker has implemented an algorithm which provides a more efficient case storage structure. This new structure has more levels, reducing the possibilities of reaching the storage limits in operating systems which use ext3 filesystem (request 8665)

Support for ProcessMaker hotfixes using the command line

We have now added a way to apply hotfixes in ProcessMaker. If there is a critical bug in the most recent ProcessMaker release, customers can apply the distributed hotfix typing the following in the command line (request 12213):

./processmaker hotfix-install <path-to-hotfix/hotfixfilename>

Support to subgroup related items in drop-down fields

The options in drop-down fields can get better organization by grouping related elements together in a drop-down list. (request 10920)

What’s fixed

  • When a workspace was being restored in other languages besides English, some fields were not properly created (11707).

  • When a parallel task in a case was paused, the whole case was paused (11553).

  • When a grid included a date field, the date picker was shown away from the DynaForm (11225).

  • When sending emails via’s SMTP server, there was an authentication error (11519).

  • When a date field had a different mask than the default, it was not being parsed properly (11920).

  • When two or more cases were created at the same time, there was a concurrency issue (11510).

  • When routing a case using a condition taken from a drop-down field, an error was displayed (11534).

  • When logging in after session expires, interface was duplicated inside an iframe  (11921).

What’s ahead

  • We will drop support for Internet Explorer 8 after this maintenance release, this means newer releases will probably work in IE8, but QA will not be required to test new code on that browser.

  • Some of the features we are working on require PHP 5.3, so for upcoming releases we will distribute the latest release in the PHP 5.3.x series in our installers.
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  • Juan Ocampo

    Hi, How can I get the PM V 2.5.1 requirements (apache, php and mysql versions)? This because at present on the wiki page contains the PM V 2.5.2 requirements.