Actions by Email v.2.0.20 new release!

ProcessMaker is pleased to announce a new release of the Actions by Email Plugin v.2.0.20. This plugin comes with some bug fixed and enhancements.

This plugin is available in our ProcessMaker Enterprise Edition.


* ProcessMaker v2.5.x or higher (stable version + available hotfix)

* Enterprise Plugin v2.0.17 or higher (stable version + available hotfix)

Bug fixed and Enhancements

* Improvements in labels.

* Information about the case derived, when using Value Based Assignment, is complete.

* Fields with more than 2 dependencies are working.

The following bug/new feature request is planned to be fixed in the next stable release of the plug-in:

* Case note will be added when a case is derived.

The following issues need to have the hotfix applied.

* Email sent when using the Mail PHP email configuration.

* A user friendly email template.


* For a detailed description of the Actions by Email plugin please see our latest documentation.

* Here you can find the release notes document.

* For more information contact our support team:





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