Quick tip to improve your MySQL performance in ProcessMaker

When it comes to web applications, I’m obsessed with speed. I’m constantly looking for ways to make things run faster. So let me introduce you to MySQLTuner, a perl script that analizes your MySQL performance and gives you tips to improve response times.

Running the script

Note: The script was written for *NIX. If you are using Windows, check this page for alternatives.
Run this on your terminal:

wget https://raw.github.com/rackerhacker/MySQLTuner-perl/master/mysqltuner.pl
perl mysqltuner.pl 

The script will ask you for your MySQL username and password. It will run some tests and give you recomendations after it finishes with the performance testing.

 -------- Recommendations -----------------------------------------------------  
General recommendations: Enable the slow query log to troubleshoot bad queries 
Variables to adjust: query_cache_limit (> 200M, or use smaller result sets) 

Now you can edit the configuration file (my.cnf) for MySQL with the tweaks recommended for your setup (remember to backup my.cnf before editing the file). Restart your mysql service and test ProcessMaker in your web browser.

In my personal experience I noticed that performance improved by 25 to 40% in a ProcessMaker server with more than 400 cases.

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  • Liz

    Is this improvement for BPM 2.0?