Preventing session timeout during a Dynaform edition


This time we will review another excellent feature you will find from version 2.5 on.

If you continue working on previous versions of ProcessMaker,  I strongly recommend you to upgrade your version to 2.5.  Further down you will find the links to download and upgrade/ install our current stable version (2.5.1)

How ProcessMaker helps you preventing session timeout

What happen when you are spending a lot of time designing your Dynaform, it is almost ready… you add your submit button to finish it, then save your Dynaform and ….. get the following message:



That moment,  you think “I have to design everything again”, and that’s true, if you were using version 2.0.45 or previous, probably you will have to add all your fields again. But, that won´t happen from version 2.5, if you save your Dynaform and notice your session was lost, you will get the following login window:


Check our Webcast, to understand  how this feature works: Webcast – Preventing Session Timeout

Also check the official documentation by accessing to this link

You can get our current stable version by accessing to this link

Feel free to leave your comments about this and another features you want to be added in our blog.


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