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Expense Report Process and BPM Software

Business process management software can be used to automate and optimize administrative tasks, reducing waste and increasing efficiency in HR operations.  In my last blog, I walked through how BPM software could optimize a leave application process, totally eliminating the need for HR to participate

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BPM Software: Like GPS for your HR Forms

As tax season once again rolls around, I was struck by the recent advertisement campaign of one of the major tax preparation software suites. This particular software claims to be “like GPS for your taxes”, the idea being that the program guides you step-by-step through the virtual twists

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Employee Recruitment Workflow Pain Points

Getting the right people on board can be one of the keys to an organization’s success.  However, while the hiring process is extremely important, it can also be extraordinarily labor-intensive. So the goal of any recruitment process workflow should be two-fold: first, to identify the best candidate(s) from among many applicants; and second, to create an efficient hiring process workflow that does not

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