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How to manage forced layoffs of good employees

Traditionally, when an employee left a company, this departure was usually due to one of two reasons:  either the employee found another job elsewhere, or the company fired the employee due to poor job performance. But in our current economic climate, a new category of layoffs has emerged: forced layoffs

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How to Avoid a New Hire Nightmare

As anyone who has ever started a new job knows, your first day in a new place can be a terribly awkward nightmare.  Like the new kid at school, you don’t know anyone, you have no friends to ask for help, and you aren’t even sure where the bathroom is. 

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Hiring Process Workflow Example

In my previous posts, I’ve discussed some of the pitfalls of the hiring process, and simple ways to automate the hiring process using workflow software.  Here is an example of a solid hiring process workflow design: A well-designed hiring process allows managers to quickly define

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