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BPM Culture Wars

In today’s hyperlinked world of iPhone, Facebook, Twitter, and countless other digital networking tools, it’s easy to assume that all organizations embrace technology as a better way of managing business.  However, it’s easy to forget that attitudes towards technology can vary greatly from one business to another, and can

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A Lawyer and a BPM System walk into a bar…

Have you heard the one about the lawyer and the mountain of paperwork?  No seriously, all terrible lawyer jokes aside, law firms need to deal with a huge quantity of documents on a daily basis.  The entire legal profession is based on paperwork and deadlines.  Effective management of that paperwork

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US Army marches towards better BPM

Colosa has a proven track record of enhancing workflow management for government agencies around the world. Even the US Secret Service has implemented ProcessMaker. With this in mind, we are proud to see that the US government and its military is taking further steps forward to improve its processes, as

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