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BPM for your SugarCRM platform

The digital disruption is finally upon us. Not only every enterprise needs to consider a digital business strategy to be ready for the near future, but every company looking to be prepared for the next phase of social business, should join the

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ProcessMaker 2.0 is here!

Afer many months of development and testing, ProcessMaker version 2.0 is finally here. The following exciting new features have been added: PHP 5.3 support. It is now possible to deploy ProcessMaker in PHP 5.3 environments. User inbox has been redesigned, and full skin control is now possible for OEM deployments. We will

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ProcessMaker version 2.x.bpmn released!

Colosa Inc. is again pleased to announce the new instance of the development release of ProcessMaker featuring the new BPMN designer. Please take in mind that this is a development release and should only be used in testing servers. BPMN designer The BPMN Designer is friendly, intuitive and easy to draw complex

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