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A Dash of Ad Hocery to Manage Workflows

Although an often repeated benefit of workflow management software products is eliminating ad hoc processes, the software should not encourage rigid, mindlessly automated business processes. Many dynamic processes involve interactions among a range of (internal and external) users, as well as content that must be generated, revised, or customized before

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3 common business communication gaps

When we talk about business processes or workflows, we are talking about the way information moves around a company or department.  Business process information can move in a number of directions: between people, between systems, or from people to systems (and back again).  Here are three areas where business communication gaps commonly occur: People

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4 reasons to avoid ad hoc business processes

When business processes are not standardized, poorly defined, or based on informal personal communications, the end result can be a logistical mess. Here are four reasons to avoid ad-hoc business processes: Confusion:  In an ad-hoc business process, the lack of documentation and structure means

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