ProcessMaker Simplified

Our company’s mission is to develop simple yet powerful workflow and BPM technology, and our efforts towards this have recently been recognized throughout the Open Source industry through InfoWorld’s 2013 Bossie Award. Since we are always looking for ways to enhance our offerings for ProcessMaker customers and community users, we are pleased to announce a service designed to simplify your ProcessMaker learning experience – meet ProcessMaker University.

Join us for our ProcessMaker University Launch Webinar where we will demonstrate how you can access this fantastic new platform. In addition, all attendees will have the chance to win a free subscription for one year!

ProcessMaker University offers self-paced courses and How-To-Guides that are a must for anyone looking to become a skilled ProcessMaker administrator, and maximize the success of a ProcessMaker BPM implementation. Videos, quizzes and labs are available to guide you in your journey to master the fundamentals of both our ProcessMaker BPM Suite and ProcessMaker SugarCRM Edition.

Did you know you can build a simple expense report process using ProcessMaker in just 30 minutes? Check out this video which gives you a taste of what skills and techniques you will learn in the ProcessMaker 101 course.

ProcessMaker University

Get ready for self-paced, convenient, and easy learning thanks to ProcessMaker University. Master ProcessMaker Today!


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