ProcessMaker Live Architect Training Online

From June 25th to June 29th, a ProcessMaker Architect Training course took place online. Our live trainer was Yamil Urbina, a support specialist for ProcessMaker.

Yamil took attendee’s through the complete Architect course remotely (5 days, 5 hours per day) and taught concepts such as “What is BPM and how you can benefit from it?”, Yamil also went into in-depth analysis of  ProcessMaker’s features:  processes, cases, dynaforms, triggers, web entries, user management and authentication.

By the end of the course, one of the trainees was surprised by how robust ProcessMaker is.  In fact, the trainee exclaimed:
“ProcessMaker is capable of doing more things than I expected!”

Yamil was equally happy with how the training went.  “Participants were really willing to learn, and at the same time, I learned from teaching them”, he said at the end of the course.   Well done to all participants of the course!

Yamil giving the online architect course

Yamil teaching day 3 of the Architect course

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Customer & Partner Support Manager for Colosa Inc. and ProcessMaker.