Install ProcessMaker with One-Click in Amazon EC2 or Google Cloud




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It is no surprise that more and more customers of ProcessMaker’s workflow software want to run their workflow software in the cloud.  Some want to run it in the ProcessMaker Cloud, but other’s want to run their workflow software installation in their own cloud environment.  As of today, runningProcessMaker in the cloud of your choice just got a whole heck of a lot easier thanks to our new partnership with Bitnami.

Thanks to Bitnami, ProcessMaker now provides you 4 new alternatives for installing and running ProcessMaker:

  1. Cloud – Use the one-click launch pad and immediately launch and begin testing ProcessMaker in the cloud of your choice – Amazon or Google cloud environments.  Either test directly through Bitnami or download the cloud installers and run them in your own Amazon or Google environments.
  2. Local – Download a local installer to install on Windows, OS X, and Linux.
  3. VM – Download a virtual machine.  In this case you can download a virtual machine image containing a minimal Linux operating system and a fully configured ProcessMaker application stack. To run the virtual machine images, you will need a hypervisor such as VMware or VirtualBox, so it is recommended for system administrators and advanced users.
  4. Docker – ah…this one is not yet ready, but do let us know if you want us to make this available soon!

We are extremely excited about this news.  It is just another way for us to provide our customers with the maximum flexibility in choosing how they want to run ProcessMaker.

Please drop us a line and let us know what you think!




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  • ethanthekiwi

    Love it. I’d been using Turnkey Linux in the past, but their image hasn’t been updated in a while. Will the community edition be getting in on this faster install goodness?

  • mojtaba Ashkufaraz

    I use process maker in local,please set a document to how use process maker on cloud?thanks