How to archive and later retrieve old cases

Most systems need a way to archive old data in order to allocate system resources more efficiently and allow for organizations to better organize their information.  ProcessMaker now has an archive/restore plugin which provides this type of functionality.

Why Use the Case archive functionality?

The Case Archive Plugin provides the functionality to both archive old case data and also retrieve and restore such data when/if it is needed at a later date.   This functionality reduces the case load in the ProcessMaker tables and insures that  database queries are executed faster.

Its main characteristics of this plugin are as follows:

  • Allows ProcessMaker administrators to archive large amounts of case data
  • Allows for better maintenance and audit controls for ProcessMaker instances
  • Ensures that large scale implementations can offload old cases from the main inbox in order to ensure speed at high scale
  • Allows administrators to restore cases to user inboxes at any time if needed
  • Decreases resource and database system stress caused by high data volumes in the inbox

How does the case archive work?

To archive cases, login as root or the user with administrative powers and go to the following path:


Then execute the following command:

./processmaker workspace-archive-cases [ <workspace_name>]  [archive_date]


  • workspace_name: Name of the workspace where cases will be archived.
  • archive_date: Date until when cases will be archived. Ex. 2013-10-30 That will archive cases created one day before: 2013-10-29

Executing the command, cases will start to be archived as follows:



In the example, the workspace testDoc and the date: 2013-12-17 were defined.  As a result all cases that belong to the testDoc workspace and executed before 2013-12-16 (note that you have to define one day later in order to archive cases) will be archived.

How does the restore work?

Cases can be unarchived through two simple methods:

         1.       Using the user interface.

        2.       Using the command line

When using the command line, cases can be unarchived as follows:



This functionality is available for the Enterprise Edition 2.0+ running on the Community Edition version 2.5.x+


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