3 simple ways to protect your company from off-boarding risks

When an employee leaves a company, that departure can create a significant amount of risk to the organization.  A well-designed off-boarding workflow can be a very useful tool to make sure that the off-boarding process is applied consistently, the process runs smoothly, and any potential issues are resolved.  Here are three important ways to protect your company from risk during the off-boarding process:

Invalidate account permissions: When employees leave a company, the departure process typically affects numerous databases, systems, and departments.  In order to limit the risk to the company and ensure adequate information security, it is important to revoke all ex-employee account credentials. Workflow software can help to manage the cancellation and deletion of account privileges formerly given to the employee, such as email access, ERP, CRM, CMS, or DMS system access, keycard /fob access, and even access to the BPM software itself.

Manage inventory: When employees leave a company, it is important to ensure that all company property (phones, computers, company car, equipment, etc) is returned by the employee. Workflow software can help manage employee assets by aiding in the creation and cross-checking of an inventory of property issued to employees, helping to make sure that the appropriate property is accounted for before an employee departs.

Update systems and databases: When an employee departs a company, often that is not the end of the road. Some employees may be eligible for severance pay, retirement benefits, pension benefits, extended health care benefits, etc, according to the employee’s contract terms. At the very least, the employee needs to receive the appropriate final paycheck. Workflow software can help manage and update the appropriate departments and systems to ensure that the employee is appropriately accounted for even after her final workday.  Likewise, workflow software can verify eligibility for benefits automatically, to ensure that employees are truly eligible for benefits sought and protect against fraud and errors.

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