ProcessMaker version 2.x.bpmn released!

Colosa Inc. is again pleased to announce the new instance of the development release of ProcessMaker featuring the new BPMN designer. Please take in mind that this is a development release and should only be used in testing servers.

BPMN designer

The BPMN Designer is friendly, intuitive and easy to draw complex processes organized by BPMN Planes (many top level diagrams) and support multi-process diagrams and a full set of Data Objects and artifacts. The BPMN Designer supports BPMNXML 2.0 valid schemas and can share(export and import) common bpmn project with any BPMN2.0 compatible designer.

Note: The BPMN designer allows you to design processes, but it can’t run cases as of now.

Skins 2.0 (Promoted to stable version)

Finally this release comes with a fully functional Skins administration that helps any administrator to create, delete, import and export (.tar format) skins that will be available at server level. It is possible to create a skin based on Classic (this will copy all necessary/updated files from classic skin) or based on any other skin.

For more information about the structure of a skin please read the following documentation:


Memcached is a general-purpose distributed memory caching system It is used to speed up Processmaker by caching data and objects in RAM to reduce the number of times a database query must be sent. Memcached is used by sites including YouTube, Reddit, Zynga, Facebook and Twitter. to activate it, just add two lines in env.ini file:
memcached = 1
memcached_server =

For more features, you can read more at the SourceForge ProcessMaker page.


Download this development release at ProcessMaker’s SourceForge project site

Feel free to file any questions you may have about it on the ProcessMaker Forums and any bugs on ProcessMaker’s Bug Tracking site.


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