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Dashboards and patches and bugfixes, oh my!

We have a new version of ProcessMaker, fresh for the picking.  Lots of important bug fixes and cool new dashboards await in version 1.1-1654.  We’ve also made using different languages a bit easier.  You can download the latest version from Sourceforge: And, if you’re already using ProcessMaker, you can

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Windows installer now available for ProcessMaker 1.0-1153

Hello, We’ve just put the Windows installer for ProcessMaker version 1.0-1153 in Sourceforge: This new release includes some bug fixes for the previous 1.0-1142 Windows version. Thanks to BitRock, the Windows installer is packaged with all dependencies, including Apache, MySql, and Php. Next week, look forward to an updated user manual

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New version of code available in Sourceforge

We’ve posted an updated version of the ProcessMaker open source pre-release code in sourceforge, pmos-.09-904.You can download it here: This new version includes some important functionality improvements. We’re continuing to work on the code before our official release in the next couple of weeks, but in the meantime

Read More – our new website

Hi all! Since you’re reading our blog, you’ve probably already seen our new product website, If not, check it out at: We just launched the site in anticipation of ProcessMaker’s release as a commercial open source product. Among other things, will be

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Database connections and Advanced Roles in ProcessMaker 1.1

We’ve added some cool new features to ProcessMaker, and in honor of this momentous occasion we’ve moved the version number up to 1.1. New features include: Make connections to database management systems Create roles based on specific permissions (including managing users, managing processes, participating in cases, supervising cases, reassigning cases). Send notifications by email Check

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Official Launch: OSS Version 1.0

Today marks the official launch of ProcessMaker OSS v1.0, an open source workflow and business process management solution. You can download it here: For more information and the full text of the press release, see our OSS launch press release.

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