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BPM and SaaS – All the Hype

Is it just me or does it seem like everyone is talking about BPM and SaaS again. Late last year Derek Miers blogged about the work he did preparing a training video for the Appian hosted offering. I wonder how that is going for Appian? Do they

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Version 1.1-1705 now available in Sourceforge

Current PM users can upload using a nifty patch. New users are welcome to download the complete new version: And, if you love using PM and want the world to know, help us out and vote at: Thanks and happy optimizing.

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Dashboards and patches and bugfixes, oh my!

We have a new version of ProcessMaker, fresh for the picking.  Lots of important bug fixes and cool new dashboards await in version 1.1-1654.  We’ve also made using different languages a bit easier.  You can download the latest version from Sourceforge: And, if you’re already using ProcessMaker, you can

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